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Congratulations to our 100+ Club and their families!

Jul 30, 2014


Congratulations to our 2014 Super Agers and their families.

We recently celebrated the milestone birthdays of our 100+ community members!

Please join us in cheering for each of them.

Frank Knerr (seated – center) is a four time repeat member of the 100+ club at 103 years of age! He is fun and is loved by the staff. Directly behind him are his daughter – Bonnie Stengl (wearing white)  and son-in-law John Stengl (in blue).

Rose Splendor (seated – left) is pretty in pink at 101 years of age. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and was seen clapping to the music at the celebration. Her daughter, Joan Splendor Braun (in blue) stands behind her.

Ella Tweedie (standing in black) at 101, has a real zest for people. She says friends and family are the key to her longevity. Ella’s son, Harry Tweedie and daughter-in-law Mary Tweedie are behind her.

Also pictured: Tracey Shearer (far left) and Joe Monserrat (far right) members of the Peter Becker Community staff.

To see more photos of our super agers, visit our facebook page.