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Five Star Quality Rating – Top 20%

Nov 15, 2015

Best Nursing Homes Graphic

Read about our Five Star Rating.

U.S. News and World Report recently recognized Peter Becker Community as among the Best Nursing Homes for 2015.

We received a Five Star Quality Rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This rating is calculated based on scores from our annual health inspections, nursing staffing and quality measures of care. This score puts us in the top 20% of homes in the state and the nation.*

We also received two deficiency- free Health Surveys in our Health Care Center for Skilled Nursing and Personal Care. This is an achievement, occurring in less than 10% of the 1,230 licensed Personal Care homes in Pennsylvania.

In spite of the fact that our industry continues to be highly scrutinized and regulated, we have repeatedly demonstrated an outstanding performance when it comes to quality. We want to recognize the staff for their ongoing commitment to quality, and want to remember that fundraising efforts and our active volunteers also help to support the delivery of quality care and ongoing community involvement.

Congratulations to Peter Becker Community’s staff and volunteers for a ministry of caring and treating all residents as valued members of their community.

*Of the 696 homes in Pennsylvania, only 19% (132) have a five star rating. Of the 15,505 homes in the United States, 19% (2,946) have earned five stars.