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Chef’s Table Features Campus Culinary Talents – VIDEO

Nov 2, 2016

Chef describes the food for guests of the Chef's Table Venue.

Chef’s Table – a new upscale dining venue at Peter Becker Community.

Join us at the Chef’s Table

AN A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY have a culinary identity? Why not seems to be the answer from the Dining Services team. They are hard at work creating new ways for community members to experience food. The newest and most sought after experience is called “The Chef’s Table.” It is held once a month, focuses on the passions of a single chef, features a six-course meal and is open to just 12 people. The driving force behind this experience is the creative inclinations of our chefs. According to Josh Crandall, the General Manager of Dining Services, “Residents are delighted with this new fine dining experience because it’s giving our chefs a chance to prepare recipes they are passionate about and allows them to tell a story through food.”

On this day, Ed Varon was featured. His menu included a farm fresh roasted tomato soup, a curly endive, pea shoots and pear salad, a Limón cello sorbet and that was only the beginning. He prepared, described and served each course as he told his personal culinary journey. Chef Ed studied at Culinary Institute of America in New York and has more than 30 years of varied food experience. He talked about the cultural influences of his family and described his grandmother, who was by far the greatest cook he has ever known.

Watch the video.

The Chef’s Table is a new venue created to offer an intimate and upscale dining experience to residents and their guests. 

The dining story doesn’t stop there. When the chefs of the PBC team cook, they see the possibilities. For each person who craves a unique dining experience there are some who seek comfort foods. A new mid-day home style buffet has been enacted for those who want dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. There are four comfort food rotations so that they, let’s say, stay comfortable.

Want to know more about dining at Peter Becker Community? Call 215-256-9501.