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25 Year Volunteer Molly Souder Retires

Jun 5, 2017


Souder Loved Serving and Helping People

She called it a ministry. She loved the customers and the deep friendships she discovered with fellow volunteers. She loved that what she was doing helped people, the environment and other non-profits. All these things Molly Souder found while volunteering at the Thrift Shop at Peter Becker Community. The sad news is that she is now retiring.

For 25 years, Souder has been a mainstay at the little shop. To provide some context, the net income during Souder’s service totaled $967,998.65. Yes, that’s nearly a million dollars. Each of those dollars (and cents) were put to work through the auxiliary to make life better for residents. Her attention to detail, spirited conversations and unrivaled dedication had customers nicknaming the store “Molly’s Boutique,” a name that Souder’s innate humility insists she shrug off.  “I don’t need all that attention,” she told us, “I was here because I loved it.”

Souder Receives Recognition her for her Faithfulness

Ruth Swingle, Auxiliary President, received a similar response when she asked if she could recognize Souder in a community meeting. In the end, Souder acquiesced. To the delight of the residents who have worked with Souder, Swingle publicly thanked her for her efforts in the Thrift Shop. She also shared that Souder had served on the community’s board of directors from 1984 until she moved to PBC with her 100-year-old mother in 1992. Swingle summed up her comments by saying, “Quite frankly, there will never be another Molly.”

When asked why she is retiring, she told us, “There simply comes a time when places need fresh faces. I feel like that time has come. I have deeply appreciated working with Marge Janoski and all the processors and cashiers. They are dear friends. I have also made friends with many of the faithful customers through the years and I trust they will continue to shop here as new management takes over.”

Look for a new plaque recognizing the unbelievable dedication of nearly million dollar Molly Souder the next time you stop at the Thrift Shop.Molly's Plaque-1