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Check out our new Dining Guide & Programming Guides

Jun 7, 2017

New Dining Guide Defines Peter Becker Community’s Culinary Identity

Can a retirement community have a culinary identity? The answer is absolutely! The Dining Services team at Peter Becker Community is hard at work everyday creating new ways for people to experience food. In our new monthly guide you can read the latest about what’s happening in the community’s food scene.

There are four distinct places to eat. The Courtyard at the Ridge and Season’s Café are a family dining favorites.  For something a little more elegant make a reservation at Garden View Dining or The Chef’s Table. Savor the tasty offerings like Chef Kim’s Asian Stir Fry, the Home Style Buffet or the Chef’s Table. And that is only the beginning. There are daily and weekly specials going on and meal must-haves like the Grand Buffet.

Download your copy and get to know each of our dining venues today.  Then join us at one of our restaurants. They are, after all, open to the public.


Find out about Campus Activities

There are so many things to do at Peter Becker Community. Activities are tailored to community members. Each month a programming guide called the CHIT CHAT is distributed detailing the many outings, clubs, wellness classes, concerts and activities.

Programming Guide – The CHIT CHAT

Download the latest editions by clicking on the links below to find out what is happening on campus.