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Thanking our Flower Lady and Her Team

Aug 20, 2018

Donna Armstrong 30 year Volunteer

Donna Armstrong, 30-year volunteer, smiles warmly as she sells a yellow primrose to an unidentified flower show guest.

Flowers are a Hot Commodity at Our Spring Flower Show

Guests can’t wait to take home a little piece of spring, whether it’s a primrose, pussy willow, herbs or pansies. Whatever you like, you have been able to find it thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Donna Armstrong and her team of volunteers. Donna is a local gal who started selling (and giving all the proceeds to the auxiliary) 30 Flower Shows ago. Each year she had new offerings, new ideas and beautiful baskets designed according to the show’s theme. Her warm welcoming nature and radiant smile, combined with her love of people and plants, made her and her team of helpers (her close friends) the sweethearts of the show.

Handpicked & Personal

If you look at how Donna approached her role, it is easy to draw some beautiful parallels to the work of the Peter Becker Community (PBC ) Auxiliary. The spring plant sale is no stroll in the park. It involves coordination of volunteers, relationships with local growers and vendors, physical demands and doing what is good for everyone. Donna has served with enthusiasm for the long haul, accepting only customer smiles in payment. She carefully selects the plants, gives them love and displays them in baskets with other plants to create harmony. She is always introducing new plants and new ideas into the mix for her customers. She makes people feel welcome and openly shares her expertise about caring and nurturing for living things. When asked why she serves in this role she said, “I just love making people happy with all the beautiful plants.”

A Great Ride

To our regret, Donna recently resigned. She told us, “I have had a great ride. I loved making people feel welcome and I have done what I thought was good for everyone. I really loved making everybody happy with all those beautiful plants.” We agree and we offer our sincere appreciation to Donna and her team. Words are not enough; maybe we should speak in flowers!

We are Looking for a Hero

If you know someone who loves flowers and has an interest in volunteering, we are looking for someone to fill Donna’s role at the 2019 Flower Show – March 14-16. The theme will be “Super Powers & Flowers,” so we are looking for a hero!

If you know someone who loves flowers and interacting with people of all ages, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Janelle Adams at 215-256-9501.