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COVID-19 Update

Apr 22, 2020

April 22, 2020

Yesterday, we reported that a staff member in skilled nursing has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Since then we have been notified of three additional positive cases of COVID-19. One is a resident from skilled nursing; the other two reside in a Ridgeview Estates apartment where they were receiving Personal Care services in their home. All three residents have been moved to an isolation wing that has been established for COVID-19 positive residents. We are actively monitoring all skilled nursing and personal care residents. We are happy to report that there have been no more employees testing positive and there are no cases reported in other residential neighborhoods.

We will continue to implement any instructions provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health; in addition to the procedures we are already following as recommended by the CDC to contain any possible spread.

I cannot express in strong enough words our appreciation for the dedication of our employees. We are very proud of our professional, caring team members who are working under very challenging conditions. As you can imagine, our team members have similar concerns about the safety of themselves and their families. Truly they are heroes in all aspects of that term and we grateful for all they do to care for our residents. Please pray for these conscientious team members and their families.

During the past month we have continued to put in place measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the community. These items are:

  • Cancellation of all non-essential visitations on campus. All visitors are screened at the entrance using the CDC guidelines for screening.
  • Residents are strongly urged to remain in their homes. We have instituted meal delivery and grocery delivery so residents to limit their need to leave their apartments/cottages.
  • Transportation to the grocery stores has been cancelled. The gift shops are open for limited hours with added safety measures and are stocking necessary toiletries. Groceries are also available through a new service hosted by our dining venues.
  • All staff are screened at start of shift for signs of illness and fever. Staff is wearing masks at all times when they are out of their offices. Everyone including residents are required to wear masks in all public areas.
  • We have added daily programming of exercise classes, education, and spiritual opportunities to our in house TV channel to help residents with social isolation.
  • We have added a twice weekly newsletter to help keep residential and personal care residents informed about COVID updates, announcements, programming changes and campus happenings.
  • We are offering virtual online visits to families through our Life Enrichment Department.

Check back for daily updates on this website.

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