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COVID-19 – New Cases Reported

Apr 24, 2020

April 24, 2020
As you all know, Montgomery County has been among the hardest-hit counties in Pennsylvania with regard to the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Since our last update, despite our team’s incredible and tireless efforts at controlling the spread of the virus, we have experienced a surge in new cases with 12 additional residents within our Skilled Nursing facility, testing positive for COVID-19. Our nursing staff has been in contact with the families of all the residents who have tested positive.

We have been following the CDC’s recommended protocols and control measures since first learning of the novel coronavirus. On a daily basis, our team has been working closely with our Medical Director who is consulting with experts in infectious disease to confirm that we are doing all that we can. We will remain in close contact with our local and state health departments, medical experts, and the CDC, to stay up to date on new information to limit and manage the spread of exposure. Resident safety remains our top priority.

It is our intention to remain as transparent as possible during this unprecedented situation, while also being careful to protect the privacy of our residents, as we are required to do.
We will continue to update you on this website as we have material information that we can share. Unless there are significant changes to the situation at Peter Becker Community, our next web site update with be on Monday, April 27, 2020.

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