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COVID-19 – April 30 Update

Apr 30, 2020

Peter Becker Community Website Update
April 30, 2020
Today, we have had no new cases of COVID-19 reported among residents. One health care worker from Skilled Nursing (who had been quarantining at home since developing symptoms on Monday), was reported as positive for COVID-19.

We are, however, deeply saddened to report that one resident, who we previously reported had tested positive for COVID-19, passed away in Skilled Nursing. During this difficult time, our hearts and prayers are with the family members of this resident as well as the staff that loved and cared for them.

We continue to be blessed by the outpouring of support for our heroic staff members who continue to put themselves at risk in service to the most vulnerable in the community. We are also very grateful for to all our residents, families and friends whose powerful words of encouragement are helping us face each new challenge as a community.

We will continue to update you on this website as we have material information that we can share. For additional information regarding COVID-19, please go to: