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November 23, 2020 Update

Nov 23, 2020

As Peter Becker Community continues to proactively test all employees and residents on our campus we have identified another individual that tested positive for COVID-19 in results returned to us on Saturday, November 21, 2020. The individual was experiencing no symptoms.

CDC current information states that an estimate of more than 50% of all infections are transmitted from people who are not exhibiting symptoms.  This means that at least half of new infections come from people unaware they are infectious to others.  We believe that our proactive testing protocol will help us to identify positive cases and isolate the individuals with as little exposure to others as possible.

The current number of confirmed positive cases in the county is at record breaking levels.  It is important that everyone limit close contact with others as much as possible.

We have closed sit-down dining on campus but will continue to provide takeout and delivery.  We realize that this is difficult during the holiday season but necessary for us to do all we can to keep the infection from spreading quickly within our community.

We wish all our residents, families and friends our very best for the holiday.  Thank you for your continued support of our team.