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January 15, 2021 Update

Jan 15, 2021

We continue to receive results of our weekly COVID testing for residents of our skilled nursing neighborhood, all employees and all volunteers. At the time of this post we have 341 tests returned and all are negative. We have a few tests still pending. This continues to be a very encouraging result given the level of COVID positivity in Montgomery County. Based on these results, we will continue to serve personal care and skilled nursing in our dining rooms and will continue small group activities. Unfortunately the county positivity rate which remains above 10%, continues to prevent indoor visits. We are hopeful this will change soon.

We continue to advocate as hard as we can for vaccinations for all residents. On Thursday January 14th, NBC 10 came to our community to interview our residents and CEO regarding the need for the vaccine for all 500 residents. We expressed in that interview our frustration with the current bureaucratic challenges. As a result of some of this advocacy, we are hearing that we may be able to get the vaccine for personal care in January. We will continue to work as hard as possible so that all residents of Peter Becker Community are offered vaccinations. We thank all the families and residents that reached out in many creative ways to help our advocacy efforts. Together we can accomplish great things.

Today, January 15th, we are testing all Maplewood Estates residents and individuals who have visited Maplewood since the first week of January. We continue to monitor residents that have any symptoms to determine if there is any possible exposure beyond what was confirmed.

Extra! Extra! Peter Becker Community residents and CEO Suzanne Owens were featured on NBC10 Philadelphia yesterday evening. Hear their thoughts on the importance of vaccinations for the community: