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January 22, 2021

Jan 22, 2021

We were informed today that a part time employee in skilled nursing tested positive for COVID-19.  As a result of this we are required to close our skilled nursing dining rooms for in person dining and small group activities. We also received positive results from a skilled nursing resident that was admitted recently for a short term stay.  We do not believe the two cases are connected.  Contact tracing will be completed for both individual cases. We are grateful that treatment options are now available for individuals over the age of 65 that contract COVID-19. We have been made aware of very positive results from the treatment at other communities.

We continue to wait for results from the majority of tests.  We do not have any positive tests to report at this time in any other area of the campus. We will post final results when the remaining tests are returned.

We will continue to move forward on January 24th with vaccinations for all residents and employees that are scheduled for the vaccine.  We continue to be optimistic that the vaccination will play a part in our return to a normal day to day lifestyle for our residents.