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February 18, 2021 Update

Feb 18, 2021

We are happy to announce once again that there were no positive test results from our weekly testing.  This week we limited our testing to employees that work in skilled nursing and personal care.  We have reduced the number of tests completed due to the lower rate of COVID in the county and the fact that we have had no active cases on campus for several weeks.   

We completed vaccinations on Sunday and Monday, February 14 and 15, for residents in personal care and residential living.  We are very pleased to report that both levels of service now have a very high vaccinate rate:  94% vaccinated in personal care and approximately 97% vaccinated in residential living.  Those recently vaccinated will not be fully immune until March 1st 

We are looking forward to opening our campus to visitors on March 1.  We will also be reopening our three restaurants to residential living residents for in-person dining.  We are in the process of beginning to plan special outdoor spring events to allow for socialization and connection.  How exciting to look forward to happy times again.