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March 18, 2021 Update

Mar 18, 2021

At the time of posting on March 18, 2021, we have received the majority of COVID -19 test results from the tests conducted on March 17. We are pleased to report that all tests at this point are negative.

We are now able to allow visitation in all areas of the campus based on the test results and the fact that both CMS and DHS have released new guidelines that provide greater flexibility in visitation. We continue to ask all visitors to stay away from the campus if you have any COVID like symptoms or have been close to anyone that has COVID.  We are fortunate that the majority of our residents have been vaccinated but we continue to operate with extreme caution until the pandemic ends.

All visitors to personal care and skilled nursing must check in at the reception area of the Campus Center and are required to wear masks at all times and social distance.

We are very happy to welcome everyone back. Thank you for your support throughout this past year.