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July 15, 2022 Update

Jul 15, 2022

Posted on Behalf of Suzanne Owens, President/CEO:

I am writing to provide an update on our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 and the wearing of masks on campus. We continue to see that the positivity rate in the county remains high, however, the fact that the illness severity of the latest variant has lessened so we are adjusting our policies accordingly.

Residential Living residents are no longer required to wear masks in the campus center. We encourage them to do so but will not take steps to require mask wearing in any area other area than skilled nursing and personal care apartments.

Employees within the campus center are required to wear masks in all public areas that residents utilize. Employees completing work tasks in a non-resident area will not be required to wear masks during the time they are in that area. This would apply to individuals in kitchens and laundry where residents have no access. Personal care and skilled nursing regulations continue to require employees to wear masks. Because our personal care residents utilize all public spaces in the campus center we will require masks for all employees in areas that residents utilize.

Masks are no longer required for residents or employees in buildings other than the campus center.  This would include the pavilion, thrift and furniture store, wood shop, Maplewood Estates, and the garage.

We would like all residents, guests and employees to be diligent about testing for COVID-19.  I personally had cold symptoms for 2.5 days before testing positive. It is common to test negative the first few days of symptoms but that is the timeframe when you are most contagious. Please refrain from any on-campus interaction if you are experiencing cold symptoms.  An initial negative test is not significant.  Test until you are symptom free.

Once you test positive you must quarantine for 5 days which is standard CDC guidance. Residents are able to interact outside of their apartment after day 5 with a well fitted mask.  Residents that have tested positive should not eat in any dining areas until day 10 after onset of symptoms and only if symptom free at that point. Employees must be cleared to return to work by Deb Ferry, RN, BSN, Senior Director of Clinical Services.

We hope that this clarifies the current mask wearing and testing requirements.  Thank you for your adherence to this process.