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Peter Becker Community Veterans Club Chooses Annual Recipient

Dec 3, 2019

Vets Club Helps PA Veterans in Crisis

Helen Sajer speaks to the PBC Veterans Club.

Helen Sajer, President of PA Wounded Warriors Inc. spoke to the Veterans club members about how the organization helps veterans in crisis.

A Welcome Tradition

Peter Becker Community(PBC) has a welcome tradition.  Each year, the veteran’s club chooses an organization to benefit from its fundraising. They typically pick a non-profit that helps people who have served their country. That’s because the group has a passion for helping other vets.

A Buck Basket that Adds Up

The club holds a year-long fundraiser called the “Buck Basket”.  Vets attending the monthly meeting add a few dollars to a basket. All tolled, the contributions added up to $1,000 this year.

After some careful research, they found a non-profit to give to that shares their passion. The recipient is the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc. (PAWW).

For Ten Years the PBC Veterans Club has Been Helping Local Veterans in Need.

According to Dan Gallagher, PBC Veteran’s Club President, “This gift marks the 10th annual donation from the PBC Veterans Club to local veteran’s organizations. Above all, we are thrilled to discover all the good that PA Wounded Warriors Inc. was doing for Veterans in Pennsylvania. They are doing a great job. We want to support their mission.”

Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors is Local and Helps Vets from Any War.

Helen Sajer. President of PA Wounded Warriors, Inc. accepts the veterans club donation form Suzanne Owens, President/CEO of Peter Becker Community.

Helen Sajer, President of PA Wounded Warriors, Inc.(left) who is one of the founders of the organization and Suzanne Owens, President/CEO of Peter Becker Community (PBC) who presented the check on behalf of the PBC Veteran’s Club.

After deciding on this year’s recipient, the vets invited Helen Sajer, the President of the PA wounded Warriors Inc. to the December 2, 2019 meeting. Helen gratefully accepted the donation. After that, she spoke to the group about Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc. (PAWW).  Most importantly, they help Pennsylvania Veterans in a financial crisis. She talked about how they got started and how they help veterans from any war.  They also help veterans in transition to prevent them from becoming homeless.  More, they are available 24/7 for emergencies.

The club’s donation will help with housing, home repair, utility bills, car repairs and much more. It will help Pennsylvania veterans and their families; which is on point with their passion.

Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors President is a Volunteer.

In addition, PAWW is a non-profit with an all-volunteer staff. That includes the President and officers.  Helen Sajer and her entire staff give their time. For every dollar donated, ninety-six cents assists PA veteran’s and their families. That is to say, the PBC club’s donated dollars will go farther with PAWW.  That was an important part of their decision as well.

According to Suzanne Owens, who presented this year’s check, “the donation represents the heart and soul of the people in the club and of the community.”


In addition, Peter Becker Community honors their Veteran’s club members not only for their service but for continually adding their generosity to the world.