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Discover Hospice Care Near Philadelphia, PA


Although death is a natural part of life, the thought of dying understandably frightens many people. You may imagine pain and loneliness and spending your final days in the cold, sterile environment of a hospital far from family, friends, and all that you know and love.

However, life doesn’t have to end like this. Life deserves to be celebrated. At Peter Becker Community, our hospice team helps you and your loved ones find peace and the positives in the end-of-life journey. Our hospice program provides a compassionate approach to end-of-life care, enhancing the quality of remaining life and enabling you or your loved one to live as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Find support and compassion in Hospice Care

What exactly is Hospice Care? Also known as end-of-life care, hospice services provide health care, physical and spiritual support for people who have a progressive condition or terminal illness that no longer responds to curative treatments. Care planning and services are available as part of our continuum of services at Peter Becker Community. When possible, Hospice Care can be provided in a variety of settings on our campus. It is most important to accommodate the wishes and needs for each hospice patient and their family.

Improving Quality of Life at the End of Life

Seeking Hospice Care isn’t about giving up hope or hastening death, but rather, it’s a way to get the most appropriate and compassionate care in the last phase of life. It is about enabling you to live your last days to the fullest, with purpose, dignity, grace and support. To qualify for hospice benefits, residents must be evaluated by a physician and Hospice Care provider, be eligible under Medicare Part A, and enroll with an approved Hospice Care agency. At Peter Becker Community, we’re happy to guide you in the right direction.

Hospice Care vs. palliative care: What’s the difference?

It’s important to understand the difference between Hospice Care and palliative care. These terms are both often used interchangeably when seeking end-of-life treatment, but there is a major difference between them.

Put simply, Hospice Care is care provided with no curable intent. This means both the resident and their loved ones understand death is coming, so the goal is to provide the most comfortable environment for the resident as they near the end of life. This type of care usually takes place within a six-month window of the condition’s prognosis and wherever the individual is most comfortable. And because the majority of Hospice Care is covered by Medicare, residents won’t have to pay out of pocket, but they will have to qualify for these services. 

Palliative care is compassionate and comfortable care with or without curable intent. Those seeking palliative care can take advantage of services at any stage of a disease and more than likely will receive care in a hospital or hospital-like setting. Palliative care may be covered by insurance or paid for by the individual and their estate. 

To summarize, Hospice Care is short-term and meant for end-of-life care with no cure, while palliative care can take place as long as the individual needs it, with or without a cure, at any stage of a disease and also at the end of life.

An All-Hands-On-Deck Team Approach

Peter Becker Community has contracted with several organizations that are licensed to provide Hospice Care benefits. Our interdisciplinary team works cohesively with the Hospice Care team to ensure all aspects of care, including physical, emotional and spiritual needs, are met.
We understand this may be a highly emotional topic. Our team of social workers is available to provide education and support to our residents and their family members who are considering this option. When loved ones, oftentimes the primary caregivers, are clear about their preferences for treatment, they’re free to devote their energy to care and compassion.

The decision to enter into end-of-life care is never taken lightly. To learn more about Hospice Care at Peter Becker Community, contact us today. Please call (215) 256-9501 and ask to speak with a member of our team.