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Good Taste.

Always on the Menu.

Each day the Peter Becker Community culinary team creates delicious, nourishing meals made from fresh ingredients and serves them up in a variety of dining venues. Gather with friends and enjoy great meals featuring from-scratch dishes made from locally sourced fresh foods (whenever possible). Everything is expertly prepared by our talented chef and culinary team.

Flexible Dining Options

Our flexible, anytime dining options can be enjoyed in any of our on-campus restaurants. From formal dining to more casual bistro and café options, you can expect a unique and delicious dining adventure filled with good food, great conversation and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Chef Plating Pan Fried Duck in the kitchen at Peter Becker Community
Residents and their families sitting around a table

Guests Are Welcome … Any Time!

Dining at Peter Becker Community extends well beyond just three meals a day. From birthday celebrations to club meetings to special events and catering, there are many ways to please the palate at our senior living community. Guests and family members are always welcome – and encouraged – to stay and enjoy a meal in one of dining venues. Private accommodations for special events (catering included) are also available.