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How to Communicate About the Move to Senior Living

Jan 5, 2021

There are many big-time decisions within the course of a lifetime. Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with, buying your first car, moving into your first home, and when the time comes, finding the perfect senior living community. Just as in all these decisions, a large portion of stress comes along with communicating next steps to loved ones. Although you may know in your heart this is the very best decision for you, it can be difficult to break the news to your immediate family and more importantly, gain their support.

“When discussing the transition, it is essential to focus on all the benefits that are associated with becoming a resident of a senior living community,” says Barbara A. Keller, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Peter Becker Community. “It is natural to feel anxious, and these feelings of anxiety can transfer onto your children causing them to become worrisome about the move.”

Although this is near impossible to prevent, there are many powerful tactics to use in order to express the goodness that comes from this transition. Here are just a few of the reasons why positive language can help immediate family cope with the stress of moving into a senior living community like ours:

No Longer Having to Deal with Yardwork or Home Maintenance:

Here at Peter Becker Community, we offer yardwork and home maintenance services that allow residents to completely eliminate any type of manual labor, such as climbing up that much-too-wobbly ladder to unclog your gutters. Plus, for your immediate family, this means no longer having to do double the yardwork/maintenance (once on their home and then over at your place)! We want our residents’ daily lives to consist of opportunities for social, spiritual and physical activity.

More Opportunities to Put Fitness and Wellness First:

Peter Becker Community understands that fitness is crucial to a happy and healthy retirement. That is why we offer multiple daily exercise sessions designed for full-body wellness. And, if exercising in a group isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it! Just a few of the fitness classes we provide are: Chair Exercise, Let’s Breathe and Tai Chi.

Surround Yourself with an Attentive, Dependable Community of Caretakers:
Not only do we provide you with the best caregiving possible, we also are thankful for our many volunteers who ensure you will always be surrounded by new smiling faces. Your care is our top priority and for that reason, we can promise you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion. Our health care professionals consistently put our residents’ needs first.

Increased Opportunities for Social Connections and Companionship:

The transition into a senior community allows those who have felt lonely for so long to rekindle a lasting relationship with other members with their same interests. We at Peter Becker Community know how important healthy social well-being is to our seniors and for that reason, we ensure our senior living environment is centered around vibrant, animated caregivers and residential members. With the ability to find your own personal social activity suited to your talents and interests, you are sure to find a strong, tightly knit personal friend group.

Access to Healthy and Delicious Dining Options:

As you get older, it can be difficult to make healthy eating a priority. Luckily, at Peter Becker Community, we take this upon ourselves. Now food can be triple good: good for your mind, heart and belly! We offer four distinct dining venues, so it is near impossible to not eat a wonderful meal daily. 

In addition to explaining the many gains that come from a senior living community, you also need to explain the common misconceptions around the transition. For this very reason, we have also conducted a list of three myths our senior community at Peter Becker Community has debunked:

Myth 1

You will lose all Independence in a senior living community.

Our community is dedicated to making sure you maintain the highest level of independence. One of the many ways we encourage this style of living is through encouraging freedom of choice and a variety of supportive services in order for personal preferences to be observed. At Peter Becker Community, you will have all the daily routines you participated in while at home mirrored within the comfort of our community. Although we make sure to have multiple events and social activities, you may be as involved in the community as you wish.

Myth 2

The days are boring and unproductive.

This could not be more untrue. In just the last few months, we have been able to continue our activities, even in the midst of the current pandemic. Some examples of the many social events we have include: campus dining, clubs, wellness classes, concerts, and spiritual events. We at Peter Becker Community also offer a Lunch and Learn event for prospective residents to learn all about our community and what we have to offer.

Myth 3

There are rules against decorating and personalizing your space.

At Peter Becker Community, we want to ensure your space is comfortable and recognizable to your personal style and taste. That is why we often see our residents customizing their home with carpeting, specialty flooring and paintings. Your space is your own to thrive in.

Your Moments Are at the Heart of What We Do

 At Peter Becker Community, it’s our mission each day to celebrate your individuality, whether you reside here full-time or are here as a temporary resident of our Health Care Center. Our support and encouragement are always expressed one-on-one. As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we provide an environment that empowers you to remain active and independent, while ensuring your future needs will always be met. As a not-for-profit community, we are focused exclusively on the well-being of our residents.

We offer a full range of services – from independent Residential Living, to Personal Care, to Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services, to compassionate Memory Care in our secure Memory Care neighborhood. Life here is good – it’s enriched by the time, choices, connections and involvement you’ll discover at our Continuing Care Retirement Community.

With our spectrum of activities, amenities, dining options, maintenance-free living and so much more, you’ll discover you spend more time enjoying our lifestyle and less time worrying about the details of life. You’ll find choices to build a secure life, connections that build closeness, involvement in the world at large and time to explore it all.

For more information about the services provided at Peter Becker Community, or to schedule a personal visit to our Continuing Care Retirement Community in Montgomery county, please contact us at (215) 720-1087 to begin the conversation.