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6 Ways Senior Living Promotes Health and Wellness

Jul 26, 2022

Research has shown that healthy aging requires a healthy lifestyle.

It’s true that senior communities are increasingly focusing on health and wellness programs. In fact, at least two-thirds of senior living communities will have holistic wellness practices at their core by 2023, according to the International Council on Active Aging. Through nutritious meal plans, engaging social programs, and diversified physical activities, seniors can live a holistic lifestyle in a safe environment.

Read on to learn how communities promote health and wellness among seniors, including six popular senior wellness trends.

The Benefits of Health and Wellness Programming in Senior Living Communities

A person’s health and wellness affect every aspect of their life.

“Consuming the right foods, exercising regularly, being aware of your mental health needs, and maintaining a positive outlook will help you stay mentally, physically and spiritually healthy throughout your life,” says Kristen Natoli, Well-Being Program Specialist at Peter Becker Community.

Healthy living and high quality of life are the hallmarks of holistic wellness. To that end, Peter Becker Community helps residents achieve their health goals with robust wellness programming.

6 Senior Living Trends That Promote Good Health

“Among the ever-changing sea of senior living trends, those that focus on wellness and holistic health are on the rise,” says Natoli.

  1. Fitness Programs
    It’s now common for senior living communities to offer fitness activities in their daily programming, such as chair yoga, water aerobics, tai chi and stretching. Most retirement communities have both formal and informal groups available, so you have plenty of options for getting involved.
  1. Wellness Workshops
    While diet and exercise are key components of wellness, there’s much more to learn. Residents of senior living communities are often informed about the importance of healthy aging through wellness groups organized by the community itself. In retirement communities, teams offer wellness education sessions as the needs of residents change.
  1. A Delicious and Healthy Dining Experience
    It’s important to eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, some older individuals find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Inadequate transportation, difficult meal management, and malnutrition are some of the causes of a poor diet. Providing seniors with the nutrients they need daily is one of the benefits of retirement communities, where culinary experts meet residents’ dietary restrictions and needs.
  1. Lifelong Learning
    People gain new skills and interests through learning outside the classroom. Lifelong learning programs help seniors keep their minds active by encouraging them to explore their curiosity. In fact, things like creative writing workshops, art classes and discussion groups are common in senior living communities. One of the most important benefits of lifelong learning is that it gives seniors the information they need to take their health into their own hands. It also helps keep the mind sharp and slows the symptoms of memory loss.
  1. Scheduled Social Calendars and Activities
    A senior living community is the perfect place to build friendships and discover new hobbies. Retirement communities organize a variety of activities and group outings throughout the year. Residents have access to activities designed to promote engagement, connection, and fellowship. For those living with memory loss, self-esteem and mental stimulation are boosted through Alzheimer’s and dementia-specific programs.
  1. Religious Services and Spiritual Programs
    To achieve spiritual wellness, choose a community whose culture aligns with your values. In many senior living communities, residents can age well in a relaxed environment with spiritual support available 24 hours a day. Programs like pet therapy and meditation events in communities are designed to encourage emotional expression and promote happiness.

Symbria Well-Being

Doing its part to keep its residents smiling, Peter Becker Community is pleased to introduce a new, beneficial program to residents. Focused on providing wellness-driven strategies, programs and services, Symbria Well-Being enables seniors to prolong their independence.

As part of the program, Natoli will be holding on-site group exercise and educational classes so residents can live their best.

With customized workouts, regular social interaction and learning sessions, and with proven benefits such as delaying physical and mental disability and declining falls and injury, this program is sure to satisfy our mission to live well.

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