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A Rewarding Career at Peter Becker Community

Sep 20, 2022

By 2029, 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 years of age or older, and therefore, there will be unprecedented growth in senior living in the coming years. This presents an attractive option for those seeking career advancement or a new career. With growth comes greater job security and more professional development opportunities.

Keep reading for answers to three of the top questions about working at a senior community.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at a senior living community?

While there are many benefits to working in senior care, perhaps the most fulfilling is working closely with a dedicated team, hearing about the life experiences of residents, and developing a rapport with loving family members who come to visit.

“Our team at Peter Becker Community is compassionate, collaborative and committed to our mission to meet the needs of all members of the community,” says Barbara A. Keller, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We strive for our environment to be described as the ‘best place to live and work,’ where the relationships between residents and team members enhance their quality of life.”

What kind of work is needed at a senior living community?

Chances are your skill set, experience and passion are a perfect fit for a career in senior living.

“Jobs at senior living communities go beyond just health care services,” says Barb. “Whether you have culinary skills, specialize in recreational programming, have a passion for nutrition and exercise, excel in administrative tasks, or have experience in the other services we provide our residents, this might be the place for you.”

Senior living communities also rely on Food Service and Hospitality Professionals, Facilities, Maintenance, and Environmental Service Professionals, Receptionists, and Program Directors. There are full-time positions, part-time positions, and plenty of opportunities for growth.

Will I have the opportunity to grow my professional skills in this setting?

Yes. There is ample room for growth and development in this field. Continuing Care Retirement Communities like Peter Becker Community offer comprehensive levels of care, which means there are countless ways that you can put your skills to work for the older adults in our community.

If your specialty is in care services, there are many ways you can utilize your skills in senior living. You can provide personal care at an independent living – also called Residential Living – community, or you can work in Memory Care or Assisted Living (the equivalent of Personal Care at Peter Becker Community). You can also lend your expertise to Hospice Care, Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation.

“Employees can start in an entry-level position, and as they learn, grow, or complete certifications, they can move into positions that fit their evolving interests and skills,” says Barb. “We offer scholarships and ongoing training and professional development to refine and broaden our team’s skills. Ultimately, we want to support leaders to continue our legacy of delivering exceptional care to seniors.”

A Supportive Work Environment at Peter Becker Community

The culture at Peter Becker Community is person-centered, and the individuals who make up our community are what set us apart. We’re always looking for compassionate, qualified people to join our ranks. Come work alongside friendly co-workers in the service of residents who appreciate all your efforts. Visit our Careers page today to learn more about our open positions and generous benefits.