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Presentation 5: Taking Control and Living Your Dreams: The Power of a Plan

This seminar addresses the question: Do you have a plan for a joyful retirement? Why are Americans notoriously bad at planning? Why we delay and the benefits of making a plan early. We then address the fact that everyone’s dream is different. We’re different. The amenities offered by different residential communities are different.

Jill will address common decisions that have to be made regarding what kind of interior spaces you prefer. Colorful images illustrate the variety of options. How many bedrooms, bathrooms and access to outdoor space (or not!) Large kitchen, small kitchen, office and closet sizes. We discuss the fact that community marketing reps are experts at talking through your finances so you know what you can afford – but they don’t know what your lifestyle needs are before you commit to a purchase. And we cover the HOW of getting there… how to plan furnishings when you’re moving to a SMALLER space for the first time. How to decide what to keep and what to do with what’s left over (when the dumpster is not your preferred method) and how a managed move is so much better than the chaos of a traditional move. It all wraps up with the question, “Are you ready to formalize a plan?”

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November 02 2023


10:00 am – 11:00 am


Maplewood Estates
815 Maplewood Drive, Harleysville, PA 19438

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