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Blooming into Life at Peter Becker Community

Apr 6, 2016

It appears as if Linda Kratz dreamed her ideal retirement into life. She wanted a lot of the usual things like a place with good food, bright open rooms, a big kitchen and some extra storage. She also wanted opportunity. A place where she could express herself creatively, help others and continue volunteering in meaningful ways. “I’m a believer in the concept that when you do things for others you feel better yourself. Plus you get to do stuff you would never do for yourself.” She compared all the area communities and told us that Peter Becker Community was the clear winner in a number of ways. Her desire to live in a place that had all her wants checked off has paid off.

“I feel so blessed. My apartment has a beautiful view and lots of light. It was really important to me to have light. When I retired, I took painting classes at Generations Senior Center, and when I heard that the Flower Show is always in the market for artistic help, I knew I would be a good fit to volunteer,” noted Linda.

Linda Kratz has been coming to the Peter Becker Community’s Annual Flower Show for the last seven years. This year, after her move to the community in July, she took on a very important role in helping to lead the crafters, design a major exhibit and offer many artistic insights.

“She was a true gift to the Flower Show Gang this year,” noted Colleen Algeo, the show’s creative director. “Linda’s enthusiasm is contagious. Not only did she help, she spearheaded a new exhibit. The zinnia covered spruce tree at the entrance to the main exhibit was made possible because she was willing to organize, demonstrate, motivate and implement a colorful vision. She jumped right in without hesitation and had a great time doing it.”

One of the great things about the Peter Becker Flower Show is that it engages as many community members as possible. Over 2000 hours were given by the residents of the community to assemble the main exhibit. Many talents and energies are generously given to the project. According to Colleen, “If you want to be a part of it, we find a role for you and the results are always amazing.”