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Volunteers: Loving Ours

Apr 26, 2017

Comedian poses with volunteer

Joey Callahan poses with 100-year-old volunteer Thelma Hess.

Comedian Joey Callahan performs for volunteers.

Comedian has a little fun with Thelma Hess during his stand-up routine.

Coordinator thanks volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator, Janelle Adams, thanks everyone at the annual appreciation dinner.

Returning Smiles to Volunteers

Laughter is an energizer and it was also the means to inspire more than 150 volunteers at this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The event was held on April 25 and included a delicious dinner, lots of appreciative words and Joey Callahan, a comedian who has been seen on Comedy Central, ESPN’s “Lighter Side of Sports” and Fox TV.

Two volunteers laugh at comedian.

Volunteers laugh at the antics of Joey Callahan.

According to Volunteer Coordinator Janelle Adams, “We love our volunteers so much. They give more than 1,000 hours each month to make resident life better. We wouldn’t be, couldn’t be us without them. I thought a comedian might bring a little laughter and light hearted fun to our evening together. And that is just what happened.”

Callahan’s jokes had a Irish flair and poked fun at his upbringing, marriage and parenting. Guests showed their appreciation when they erupted in bouts of explosive laughter. We sincerely hope that this year’s event gave back some of the smiles and laughter that volunteers bring to our community each day.