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Easy: Make Your Own Cloth Face Covering – No Sewing

Apr 6, 2020

VIDEO: In the video below. The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams shows you how to easily make your own cloth face covering. In a new campaign on the Peter Becker Community, we are encouraging all residents and staff members to show their virtue and protect each other by wearing a cloth face covering. We are coming together as a community to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. According to the Surgeon General, it has been discovered that people who have not exhibited any symptoms could be unknowingly transmitting the virus when they are coughing, sneezing and even speaking.

We are asking all our community members to cover their faces when leaving their homes. In the video below, Dr. Adams shows you how to make your own face-covering in a matter of minutes. We are asking people to create their own covering because of the importance of leaving the supply of medical masks for our front line health care workers.

Making and wearing your own covering, coupled with maintaining a social distance of staying 6 feet away from others, are very selfless and effortless ways to be a friend to others. Let’s take care of each other. Show your virtue! Wear a face-covering! Watch this video.