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What Can a Continuing Care Retirement Community Do for My Loved One?

May 5, 2021

If you have a loved one who is retirement age or is well into their golden years, you may have worried about their health and safety moving forward. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your loved one needs a little extra help handling chores and tasks of daily life. Or perhaps your loved one has been complaining about being bored, lonely or a combination of the two. Even if he or she is healthy and active, we can’t help but worry about what might happen if an accident occurs while they’re living on their own. Because of this, considering a move into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) may be beneficial, says Barbara A. Keller, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Peter Becker Community.

“There’s still a stigma about senior living that may cause older seniors to balk, but it’s important to note that today’s communities are not the same as they were even just 10 years ago,” Barb says. “You can thank the Baby Boomers for that – they’ve been demanding more out of senior living as they retire, and the industry has risen to the challenge. Today, senior living isn’t a place to sit and watch the world go by. Instead, it’s a place designed around the needs of the aging adult to help them stay as healthy, active and independent as possible, no matter how old they are or what their health needs may be.”

Barb understands that there can be a bit of a learning curve, especially for older seniors, when it comes to considering moving to a “nursing home” – which, as she quickly explains, is a complete misnomer. “A ‘nursing home’ is a skilled nursing facility, which can be part of the care offered on a senior living campus – but that’s only one part,” she says. “At a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC, there are many other care and lifestyle options to help seniors of all ages live their best lives.”

Care for Life: What a CCRC Entails

A CCRC is a specialized senior living community that is designed so that residents can always live safely and securely on campus, no matter how their health needs may shift in the future. It’s an excellent option for all seniors, whether they’re young and active or require more extensive care.

At Peter Becker Community, we offer the following for our residents.

  • Residential Living. Healthy and active seniors can reap the benefits of a private home paired with the maintenance- and care-free lifestyle that comes from moving to a community. Residents can choose from a variety of floor plans, from a studio apartment to a luxury two-bedroom cottage home, and enjoy all the perks and benefits our community has to offer. They never have to worry about yardwork, housekeeping, or even cooking if they don’t want to. We take care of all the tasks and chores so our residents can focus on what’s important: enjoying their retirement years to the fullest and chasing their dreams.
  • Personal Care. For our residents who require extra assistance in order to live safe, happy lives, we provide person-centered Personal Care that maximizes their ability to age gracefully, stay independent as long as possible and enjoy life to its fullest. Our Personal Care residents reside in private apartments that are designed for the aging adult’s needs. We also provide wellness-focused activities, current event programs and stimulating group functions – just to name a few of our benefits. Caring team members provide medications as necessary, follow up on health care matters and provide assistance with bathing and dressing. While residents enjoy their day, our team takes care of laundry, housekeeping and meals to allow residents plenty of time to do the things they love.
  • Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services. Health needs can change suddenly, and we understand that sometimes seniors need additional medical care as well as compassionate Personal Care. The Skilled Nursing component of Peter Becker Community meets these needs in a homelike environment with a caring, interdisciplinary team that focuses on the physical, emotional and social needs of the resident.
  • Memory Care. When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, family members want to know they are surrounded by skilled professionals who will offer compassionate care in a safe, secure environment. At Peter Becker Community, we provide support in our Memory Care neighborhood through around-the-clock care, as well as specialized programming to help bring joy and engagement to those living with cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

The Benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Besides the continuum of care, what makes a CCRC different from other types of communities? According to Barb, a CCRC revolves around choice and a homelike feel. Living in a community like Peter Becker Community offers many benefits that seniors can’t get anywhere else, including:

  1. An instant social circle and caring community.

Many seniors become isolated and lonely during their retirement years – it can get hard to stay socially active when friends and family move away and your ability to get out diminishes. Moving to Peter Becker Community means that your loved one is instantly surrounded by peers in the same stage of life who are also looking for social opportunities. If your loved one has been lonely and bored, CCRCs provide an excellent social scene and instant friendships. 

  1. Maintenance-free living.
    Not doing chores anymore is one of the nicest benefits of a CCRC, especially for younger and active seniors. Not having to deal with home maintenance, taxes, grocery shopping and all those other tedious tasks means your loved one has more time to enjoy the things that give them joy.
  1. Continued care for a lifetime.

Continuing care is expected at a CCRC – after all, it’s part of the name. When a resident moves to Peter Becker Community, they and their family have peace of mind, since the individual will always have a forever home with us. Even if additional health services are needed, we’re able to compassionately care for him or her on site in a place they know as “home.”

  1. A focus on wellness and healthy aging.

Aging well means taking care of our bodies, minds and souls. Keeping an active lifestyle, eating well, staying mentally sharp and keeping a sense of curiosity are all part of what it takes to live a healthy older life. Adults who live on their own don’t always get all the things they need to age in a healthy way, but at a CCRC, every aspect of life is designed around wellness. Everywhere you turn, there are so many ways and opportunities to stay healthy.

  1. Peace of mind.

Ultimately, a CCRC provides peace of mind for loved ones and family members. There are opportunities to pursue passions and reach goals. And your loved one will receive what he or she needs to age well and live a healthy, active life. And that feeling is priceless.

Your Moments Are at the Heart of What We Do

At Peter Becker Community, it’s our mission each day to celebrate your individuality, whether you reside here full-time or are here as a temporary resident of our Health Care Center. Our support and encouragement are always expressed one-on-one. As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we provide an environment that empowers you to remain active and independent, while ensuring your future needs will always be met. As a not-for-profit community, we are focused exclusively on the well-being of our residents.

We offer a full range of services – from independent Residential Living, to Personal Care, to Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, to compassionate Memory Care in our secure  Memory Care neighborhood. Life here is good – it’s enriched by the time, choices, connections and involvement you’ll discover at our Continuing Care Retirement Community.

With our spectrum of activities, amenities, dining options, maintenance-free living and so much more, you’ll discover you spend more time enjoying our lifestyle and less time worrying about the details of life. You’ll find choices to build a secure life, connections that build closeness, involvement in the world at large and time to explore it all.

For more information about the services provided at Peter Becker Community or to schedule a personal visit to our Continuing Care Retirement Community in Montgomery County, please contact us at (215) 720-1087 to begin the conversation.