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Rightsizing for Smaller Spaces in Senior Living

Mar 21, 2023

Some consider downsizing for senior living to be stressful, but the related idea of rightsizing can help focus your efforts and streamline the transition. Rightsizing is about evaluating your current needs for space, including which rooms you use most, where you spend the most time and which areas are being taken up with clutter. Knowing these details will help when you make the transition to a senior living community.

Choosing to live in a senior living apartment and cottage gives you a life of freedom and choice by eliminating the burden of home maintenance, bills and chores. Communities offer easy-to-access fitness rooms, craft studios, woodworking shops and more to meet your needs after downsizing. 

You’ll enjoy all the social benefits of a senior living community, including great amenities, dining and activities.

As you begin your senior living journey, one of the first things you’ll do is decorate your new place. We’ve gathered five small-space decorating tips to help you turn your senior apartment or cottage at Peter Becker Community into the home you’ll love. And as a resident, you’ll also enjoy convenient services and amenities, vibrant community life, multiple dining options, and wellness programming just outside your door.

Rightsize your life.

According to Jill D. Kearney, a renowned senior living expert, one of the biggest mistakes individuals make when moving to a community is trying to take everything with them. 

When it comes to preparing for a move to your new home, downsizing and rightsizing offer many options for optimizing your living environment. The days leading up to the move should be dedicated to sorting and organizing as much as possible. When organizing your belongings for the move, use sticky notes to label things as “Keep,” “Throw Away,” “Donate,” and “Upgrade.”

Help yourself prepare for the move by checking out this handy downsizing checklist before you move to Peter Becker Community.

1. Select furniture that fits.

Over the last few decades, the majority of furniture producers have developed collections for senior apartment dwellings and smaller homes in response to the modern senior’s lifestyle. When looking for new furniture, or determining which pieces to bring along with you, prioritize your preferred pieces, be aware of your measurements, and keep in mind the specifications of your new home. We suggest going one room at a time and making a list of what you’ll bring from your previous home and what you’ll need for your new home!

2. Put up picture frames or wall art.

The focal point of a tiny area can be a decorative piece of art, which makes the room appear larger. This also serves as a room’s anchor and binds complementary hues together. Use whatever makes you feel most at home, including signs, paintings, photos, posters, mirrors, tapestries, and so on.

3. Bring the outside in.

Do you want to add some greenery to your environment but lack the room for planters or pots? Place a fiddle-leaf fig or a succulent tray on a ledge to catch the sun and provide some color. The fiddle-leaf fig requires regular watering and natural light, whereas succulents and Lithops require less maintenance.

4. Make the most of nooks.

With a large plant and a comfortable chair, you can create the ideal haven for relaxing, reading or daydreaming. There is no need to be concerned about showcasing precious possessions, heirlooms or trinkets. In your new house, a floating corner shelf is ideal for storing these close by. Use attractive crates or bins to contain books, games or crafts in another corner, next to your preferred reading chair or couch.

5. Tie each room together.

You can ground a room, or several rooms, together by accessorizing with coordinating throw blankets, pillows or decor. Shopping for something new and pairing it with something you already love is also fun, so use your new smaller space to redecorate a little. This might be an opportunity to rightsize your chairs and couches with an eye toward changing the color palette.

Remember that ultimately, the downsizing process doesn’t have to be stressful; in fact, it can be quite fun! The benefits of rightsizing your space are many, and we know it will set you up for success – and happiness – in your new residence. 

Find the Right New Home for Your Retirement 

At Peter Becker Community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Harleysville, PA, we offer rightsized apartments for the modern senior specializing in Residential Living, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation and Memory Care.

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