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Five Tips for Moving to Senior Living

Apr 3, 2023

It makes a lot of sense for older adults to move into senior living sooner rather than later. Yes, even – or perhaps especially – active, healthy older adults! Moving into a senior living community before you “need to” can help you live the active retirement you’ve been dreaming about.

Moving while you’re still reasonably fit and healthy means that you have more control over your future. It’s less stressful because you and your family won’t have to be navigating any physical or cognitive health changes while also dealing with downsizing, selling your home, and moving. And you get to enjoy the services, amenities, and benefits of a senior living community right away (maintenance-free living, dining options, events and activities, and so much more). 

As you begin planning your journey from a private home to a retirement community, here are five tips to follow that will help make the transition easier and more enjoyable.

1. Join the waitlist. 

At Peter Becker Community, we encourage future residents to join our waitlist, which we call our Future Community Member List, as soon as they realize that our community is the right one for them. It’s one of the first and best steps to take toward planning your future here. Once you’re on the waitlist, you’ll receive access and benefits so you can start building a foundation for life in our community. For example, we offer events that allow future residents to connect with our current residents and learn more about what life is like here.

You can also spend time on campus meeting other residents, attending events and activities, and dining in the restaurants, all of which contribute to a successful transition to the community. You’ll also be notified when your preferred floor plan becomes available.

2. Give yourself a deadline. 

The decision to move is a big one, and you want to make sure you’re doing your homework and adequate preparation. However, it’s just as important to make sure that you have a deadline in place for when to move; otherwise, it can end up as something that you’ll get to “later.” 

Start broad and give yourself a deadline of when you want to be set up in your new home (“next summer” or “by December 1”). Then, once you have that in place, work backward to create a timeline of when things need to be done, such as downsizing, packing, and getting your home ready for sale.

3. Downsize with purpose. 

Downsizing possessions can be an overwhelming, daunting task. But you don’t have to do it all at once (and in fact, we recommend that you don’t try to do it all in one weekend). Take the Goldilocks approach of “just right” when it comes to sorting through things: move with purpose, but don’t rush. 

Start by getting a floor plan of your new living space so you know what to work with. Many communities offer move-in assistance and can provide guidance on what items to bring, how to stage a room, and such. Before beginning the actual downsizing process, go through your rooms and pick out the items that you absolutely must have in your new home. Start with smaller spaces to get you in the groove before you tackle large rooms like the kitchen or garage. 

4. Enlist the help of family and friends. 

Make the moving process more fun by turning it into a family affair. Ask your friends or family members to come help you go through items and pack them away. This is a great time to hand off family heirlooms or mementos that may not fit in your new space but are a cherished part of your lifestyle. Having someone else can also help you better determine if you really need to keep twelve throw blankets or can pare it down to just two. 

5. Call in the professionals.

There are a plethora of moving companies that specialize in helping older adults through the process of downsizing to a retirement community. Many of these companies offer a “soup to nuts” approach, with specialists that help with everything from downsizing to packing to finding a real estate agent to setting up possessions in your new home. Moving can be stressful, but hiring professionals to help you out with the heavy lifting can really give you peace of mind.

Enjoy the retirement lifestyle of your dreams at Peter Becker Community.

Peter Becker Community is a vibrant retirement community offering Residential Living that helps our residents live their best lives. We also offer Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, Memory Care, and Hospice Care in order to help our residents enjoy a high quality of life, no matter what their needs require. 

We’re always excited to have future residents join our waitlist. Contact us today to join, or to learn more about our residences and how our community can help you live a healthy, active and wellness-focused senior lifestyle.